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Now Accepting Applications for Spring Semester 2019-20

WAVE is now accepting applications for spring semester 2019-20. Students in grades 6-12 living in the state of Wisconsin can apply. Those living outside of the Wausau School District must also apply for Open Enrollment by filling out the DPI Open Enrollment request and sending it to WAVE/ Open Enrollment / 415 Seymour Street / Wausau, WI 54402.

Students enrolled at WAVE have the opportunity for blended enrollment at one of the brick and mortar buildings. Full-time students at WAVE can opt to take up to two classes in the face-to-face traditional setting on one of the local campuses. Or, students can take all of their courses virtually.

Furthermore, assuming students have transportation, WAVE students can participate in clubs, sports, and activities at one of the physical campuses of the Wausau School District.

To apply, complete the application on our website:

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