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Become a Defender of Potential by Volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters School Based Program


By spending less than an hour a week with a child, you can change a child’s life for the better, forever.

Big Brother Big Sisters of Northcentral Wisconsin is recruiting high school volunteers or “Bigs” to mentor a child in our School Based Mentoring Program. We offer School Based Programming in the Abbotsford, Athens, D.C. Everest, Marathon, Merrill, Mosinee, and Wausau School Districts.

In our School Based Mentoring Program, volunteers offer children individualized time and attention on a consistent basis with the venue being the child’s school rather than the community. Volunteers and children meet regularly each week during the school year, utilizing the resources available within the school such as: computer labs, library, gym, a classroom, or playground. Playing a board game, giving educational assistance, talking or reading, can all contribute to a positive academic experience, a positive attitude, positive peer and adult relationships, and academic success and enrichment. As the friendship evolves, volunteers and children discover ways to make school and learning fun and rewarding. When matches do continue year after year, volunteers experience the satisfaction of watching their child achieve success in school and then see that success carry out into the community and beyond.

Children who participate in the program are typically referred to us by their teacher or school guidance counselor. They are identified as a child who could benefit socially, emotionally or educationally from having an additional source of support. As a Big, you will be consistent, stable presence in the child’s life, offering encouragement, guidance, and friendship.

Individuals who want to become a “Big” will apply, go through an orientation and interview and then be teamed up with a child with similar interests. During the orientation, Big Brothers Big Sisters staff will share more about the program and what to expect while working with your child. Once you are matched with a Little Brother or Little Sister, Big Brothers Big Sisters will continue to offer support, providing a professional staff member who will help the Big and Little grow together in friendship.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Beth Kohnert at or call 715-848-7207.

Apply today and Become a Defender of Potential!

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