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  • Jenny Seymour


Last evening, WAVE held its first commencement ceremony, and it was a wonderful celebration. There were 17 seniors in the graduating class, and seven of them chose to participate in this event.

The evening began with graduates taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather and the photo opportunities with friends and loved ones. Gradually, around 100 guests, all excited to wish our graduates well, found their seats in the Nicholson Board Room of Longfellow Administration Center. While they waited for the ceremony to begin, they watched a scrolling slide presentation showcasing the graduates. Among the guests were were Wausau School Board members Jane Rusch and Lee Webster. In addition, WAVE Governance Council members Jon Euting and Amy Zoromski were also present to show their support.

Graduates took part in a processional set to "I Hope you Dance" by Lee Ann Womack. Thom Hahn, Master of Ceremonies, led off the celebration with an opening message highlighting the fact that these students are pioneers in virtual education, and their success is evidenced by their graduation. He also commented on their attributes of tenacity, time management, and communication that had to be mastered in order to be successful. Mr. Hahn's speech was followed by principal, Jennifer Seymour's remarks that continued the theme that these students are pioneers- not afraid to try new things and explore new frontiers like virtual school. She talked specifically about her hopes for each graduate as they move to the next phase of their lives. Dr. Keith Hilts then shared his pride in the students' accomplishments and his confidence in their abilities moving forward.

Diploma distribution was personalized by sharing each graduate's highlight from their WAVE experience and a statement regarding their individual plans for next year.

A reception followed, which included cake, beverages, and more opportunities for pictures.

It was a memorable evening. And, we wish all of our graduates the best.

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