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  • Jenny Seymour

Thank you, SStep Students!

Thank you to Mrs. Schlinkmann and her Wausau School District SStep students for keeping our mall space clean and festive. Not only do they do a great job dusting and vacuuming for us each week, they also added some holiday cheer by decorating our Christmas tree.

The mission of the SStep program (Stepping Stones Transition Education Program) is to provide students with disabilities, ages 18 -21, transition focused services within a community environment based on each student’s Individual Educational Program(IEP) and post-secondary transition goals. There is a focus on Self- Advocacy, Self-Communication, Skills in the Community, Recreation and Leisure, Daily Living and Life Skills, Independent Living Skills, Employment within the community, andTransportation in the Community.

Thank you for making the WAVE mall space look great! The students and staff at WAVE appreciate your work.

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