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Who Attends WAVE?

Currently, WAVE serves 6-12 grade students in the Wausau School District. Starting in the 2018-19 school year, WAVE plans on becoming a virtual charter school. What does that mean? Students outside of the Wausau School District boundaries can attend WAVE tuition free through school choice options. Virtual school is an appealing pathway for students for a variety of reasons.

WAVE has a diverse student body. Some WAVE students attend as a way to accelerate and enrich their education. Due to pacing options that allow students to spend extra minutes per day on coursework than they would be able to in a traditional classroom, driven individuals may be able to work through their classes at an accelerated pace and reach their educational goals quicker than in a brick and mortar setting.

In addition to the desire for differentiated learning opportunities, some WAVE students have indicated that they prefer the drama-free environment that an online school provides them. Others, for medical and various personal reasons, have found the flexibility to work at their own pace and place an appealing perk of virtual education.

Yet another reason students have chosen WAVE is because of their rigorous sport and extra-curricular schedules. One WAVE family travels south for the winter months so their children can continue training for the PGA. Another student, a dedicated gymnast, spends 23+ hours a week in the gym. And, other student athletes play hockey. All of these individuals aspire to play at the next level, and WAVE gives them the freedom to spend their days on the rink, on the links, and in the gym with the assurance that their education will not be short changed. WAVE students are all receiving a high quality education that one would expect from the Wausau School District.

So, who attends WAVE? A diverse student body whose individual reasons for choosing a virtual education are equally as diverse. Students and families who desire an alternative to the brick and mortar setting but will not compromise on the quality of education they receive have found WAVE to be the perfect fit.

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