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New Math Teachers Join WAVE

Wausau Area Virtual Education (WAVE) is happy to add Mr. Roth and Mr. Moe to its staff. In addition to teaching at Wausau West High School, Mr. Roth and Mr. Moe will now be teaching WAVE students. Math has been a popular subject area for WAVE students who have an interest in accelerating their math studies. Students in the district can take up to two courses through WAVE on a part-time basis with many students opting to take an enrichment or accelerated course during the summer months. And, with the face-to-face option of working with instructors at the WAVE Wausau Center Mall location (see mall schedule), students have access to additional help when needed. We are excited to add Mr. Roth and Mr. Moe to our staff!

"Empowering 21st Century Learners- Anytime, Anywhere!"

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