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Advanced Placement Courses

Wausau Area Virtual Education (WAVE) offers a wide variety of courses to choose from. Accelerated learners have the option of enrolling in Advanced Placement (AP) courses. While AP courses are not for everyone, there are many reasons a student may want to take these courses; the College Board lists a few:

1. Stand Out in College Admissions- If you are applying to a competitive university, an AP course on your transcript may set you apart from other students during the admissions process.

2. Earn College Credits- If you are successful on the AP exams, you may be able to earn college credit before even entering the university. Be sure to check with your specific colleges of choice to learn how AP credits work at that particular institution.

3. Skip Introductory Classes- You may be able to avoid some introductory general education requirements through AP test scores.

4. Build College Skills- AP courses help you develop the skills necessary to be successful in college by introducing you to the rigors of a college level course.

WAVE offers 21 different Advanced Placement options for students. Talk to the WAVE administrators and teachers if you have any questions about these or any other course offerings.

Source: "Work Toward College Success",, 2018.

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