Our Vision

At Wausau Area Virtual Education, we believe that a high quality education taught by passionate educators is not solely found in a brick and mortar 8am-3pm setting.  WAVE students have the opportunity to work at a pace and a place that fits their individual needs. 

Students who are driven to succeed, who are self-motivated, and who desire freedom and flexibility in their day have found WAVE to be the perfect fit.  Students and families whose lifestyles and personal needs do not fit in the traditional school setting have discovered WAVE can provide the educational opportunities that they desire.  

Furthermore, parents and students are assured that they are receiving the type of education one would expect from the Wausau School District: innovative, rigorous, and standards driven.

The teachers and administrators at WAVE were very invested in my education. WAVE allowed me to have a more individualized senior year that I will always be grateful for!
— Baylee Mathsen, WAVE student
“You can work at your own pace. You can finish as quickly as you want. There are a lot of opportunities for kids to take as many classes as they want or take just a few, finish those up and pick up more. Kids have the ability to free up their schedule more so they can focus on other things like work, sports, and clubs.”
— Shannon, WAVE parent
“My English course was my favorite class this semester. I have always enjoyed writing, and the course has helped me to grow as a writer. My teacher was always quick to respond and provided useful feedback as well.”
— Taylor, WAVE student

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