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Empowering 21st Century Learners - Anytime, Anywhere!

about us

WAVE is a virtual charter school that offers full and part-time enrollment opportunities to students living in the state of Wisconsin.  WAVE delivers a high-quality, tuition-free anytime, anywhere education, allowing students to take full-ownership of their learning. Full-time students have the added benefit of being able to participate in WIAA sports, clubs, and activities at one of the brick and mortar campuses in the district, if they choose to do so.  For our student athletes, WAVE offers NCAA approved coursework. Additionally, if students have transportation, they could opt for a blended online/brick-and-mortar schedule with up to two classes at one of the physical campuses in the district.

Part-time students, including those who are primarily home-schooled, can take up to two classes at WAVE. In this regard, students living in rural areas who may not have access to AP courses, world languages, and a plethora of elective opportunities can take advantage of these opportunities at WAVE while staying enrolled at their resident school. WAVE teachers work to make sure each of their students feel connected to the school community; there are opportunities for students to work directly with their teachers in a face-to-face environment or connect in virtual classrooms. 


WAVE strives to create a partnership with students, parents, and teachers to serve the best interest and learning needs of our students. WAVE is committed to offering students a unique pathway for learning while embracing digital and multimedia tools to prepare students to be college and career ready for today, tomorrow, and the future.

Our Vision

At WAVE, we believe that a high quality education taught by passionate educators is not solely found in a brick and mortar 8am-3pm setting. WAVE students have the opportunity to work at a place and a pace that fits their individual needs.

Students who are driven to succeed, are self-motivated, and who desire freedom and flexibility in their day have found WAVE to be the perfect fit. Students and families whose lifestyles and personal needs do not mesh with the traditional school setting have found that WAVE provides the educational opportunities they desire.

Furthermore, parents and students are assured that they are receiving the type of education one would expect from the Wausau School District: innovative, rigorous, and standards driven.


"I would give my overall experience with WAVE a 5/5, and the list of reasons why is absolutely endless. WAVE has allowed me to plan around my busy schedule, embrace my academic strengths, improve academic performance all around, establish further future plans, choose from a variety of courses, meet new people, have the best possible teachers in each subject, set my own start/end dates...see? What did I say? The list is endless!"


"I hope that every student has the opportunity to experience a course through WAVE at some point in their time in school. It is a rewarding experience that provides a glimpse into the potential of the future of education."


Pete's First Day 2021-22
Leadership Conference
Angie Yang- Nontraditional Color Wheel
Felix Neve- Flight Sim
Little Chef
Lambeau 2
Graduation 4
Jasmine 1
Anna UW-O Signing 2
Aviation Flight Simulator
Tyler B. Horse
Abdullah Darduuk-  Mecca Clock Tower
Aviation Students
FBLA Meeting
Barrett Brooks
Samantha N- Swim Meet
Taylor Yakey Softball
Josh and Mary Grad
Frank D

The Wausau School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, sex (including transgender status, change of sex or gender identity), or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability (“Protected Classes”).


Linda Koepke, Chair (Big Brothers Big Sisters)

Jon Euting, Vice Chair (Directory of Technology & Media Services, WSD)

Kathy Lannigan, Secretary (Administrative Assistant WSD)

Matt Waltz, (Parent)

Carol Pond (Boys and Girls Club)

Non-Voting Members:

Shannon Young, Ed. D. (Interim WAVE Principal)

Deborah Foster (Director of Curriculum, WSD)

WAVE Parent Network Representative: Nicole Sether /

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